Purple Rain


$5 from this product is donated to charity

Product Details

Folded size:

35cm x 18cm

Unfolded size:

260cm x 70cm


170cm x 50cm x 75cm





Washing & Maintenance

As CLOUDSIE is waterproof, we recommend you wipe the surface with a damp cloth and water after each use. Do not machine wash, dry clean, iron, tumble dry or bleach.


WARNING: CLOUDSIE is not a floatation device and is not recommended to be used on water. CLOUDSIE does not accept liability for loss, injury or damage caused by the use of the product in a manner not designed, recommended or intended by the manufacturer. To avoid injury, please ensure that CLOUDSIE has been fully inflated, buckled safely and thoroughly checked before use. Do not place on sharp or abrasive surfaces. Parental supervision is mandatory for any young persons intending to use our product.

$5 from this product is donated to

starlightTo help brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families, Cloudsie is super-proud to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. We’re big kids at heart, so we can relate to how sad it must be when life becomes dulled by hospital visits. Starlight partners with Australian health professions to develop positive psychology principles to give sick kids a welcome, fun break from pain and trauma. $5 from each purple Cloudsie helps Starlight in their awesome quest. #purplecloudsie