CLOUDSIE has a heavenly design

The shape of our CLOUDSIE is sleek and cosy for the ultimate in Cloud-like comfort wherever you go. Once you kick back, there’s no going back!

CLOUDSIE has 1 opening instead of 2

CLOUDSIE has just the 1 opening, so inflating and deflating it is a breeze (pun intended)! Other products on the market have 2 separate openings which are fiddly to operate. CLOUDSIE means more chill-out time for you!

CLOUDSIE is made of high-quality materials

CLOUDSIE is constructed from high quality, super-lightweight nylon fabric with a special waterproof coating. Unlike other brands, there is no thick, heavy plastic layer inside. Not only does this mean CLOUDSIE is super soft and strong, it’s also as light as a Cloud(sie)!


Q. How much does CLOUDSIE weigh and what are the dimensions?
At 0.9kg, CLOUDSIE lives up to its name. It’s as light as a cloud.
Dimensions are:
Inflated: approx 170cm x 75cm x 50cm
Deflated (stretched/rolled out): 260cm x 70cm
Folded in carry bag: 35cm x 18cm
Q. How much weight does a CLOUDSIE hold?
For such a softy, CLOUDSIE sure is strong! CLOUDSIE can hold up to 250kg (approximately 3 adults).
Q. I want one! What methods of payment do you accept?
Fantastic. We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.
Q. Is CLOUDSIE easy to inflate and deflate?

You bet! All you do is unroll your CLOUDSIE, wave, tie and relax. To deflate, you just unclip the opening, roll up, fold and bag. Too easy! See our video and instructions here.

Q. Is CLOUDSIE waterproof and can it be used on water?
CLOUDSIE is made of high-quality, waterproof fabric. However it’s not intended to be used as a floatation device and is not recommended to be used on water – so you’ll have more fun using CLOUDSIE on dry land!
Q. I’ve ordered my CLOUDSIE and I’m planning to camp at my doorstep until it arrives. When will it get here?
We work pretty hard (when we’re not chilling on a CLOUDSIE), so we guarantee your CLOUDSIE will be ready to ship within 24 hours of your order. It will be in the hands of the delivery guy after this, so expect 3-5 business days for standard shipping. At least next time you camp at your doorstep, you’ll have your CLOUDSIE to sleep on!
Q. I’ve seen a few of these products on the market, why should I choose CLOUDSIE?
Rest assured our CLOUDSIE comes out on top in every way. We’ve made sure of it. It’s the latest model and has just 1 opening instead of 2, it’s extremely high quality in construction and is superior in design.
Q. On what terrain can I use my CLOUDSIE?
CLOUDSIE works best anywhere you can chillax! Whether that’s in the bush, on a mountain top, concrete, grass, mud
or in the boss’s office. Wherever you go, CLOUDSIE will follow!
Q. Will my CLOUDSIE pop?

CLOUDSIE is made from highly durable nylon fabric, not balloon rubber. It’s super soft, super-strong and won’t let you down.